So hot


The game screen of So Hot casino game instantly drives attention to its bright colors and vivid graphics. It’s designed in bright tones which do not exhaust your eyes and instead you will constantly pay attention to the onscreen game process. The So Hot casino game also has 10 active chips and 5 revolving reels. The maximum bet in the game is set: on 1 line you are allowed to bet only 1 coins, and in the range of denomination the range of currencies is very wide: from 1 up to 100 cents.

So Hot slot games offer a real opportunity to test the skills in terms of strategy and decision-making. In fact the operator offers a “no questions asked” feature on their web site, where casino game players can get knowledge about the betting strategies as well as can get detailed information about the various types of reels and also about the casino games. As a result the players are able to play a varied range of casino games and choose the one they are comfortable with. In addition to this, the So Hot online casinos also allow the players to make use of so many “scratch cards” and also the So Hot leader boards to place bets on various games and avail valuable benefits. This innovative system makes the gaming and gambling experience interesting for every participant.

The wild slots involve placing a bet on a number or a symbol which is drawn from a hat. The player is provided with five cards, which are shown to him. When he chooses a number or a symbol, he is required to type it on the payline, where the computer will then reveal the result of his bet. When a player wins a number or symbol he is awarded with a cash prize, a VIP bonus as well as free spins on all the casino slot machines.