Pharaoh’s daughter


Pharaoh’s Daughter is a casino game from Microgaming. The graphics are very nice and the theme song is excellent as well. The game is on the slow side but it’s not like the slow ones you hear on dial up connections. For the most part, this game is like all the other games that you would play on your computer such as solitaire and crossword puzzles. In addition to the virtual pet, the game provides you with a guide book to help you figure out how to play the game.

In Pharaoh’s Daughter, there are eight levels to play on. There are also several cheat codes for those of you who want to make this game a little more challenging. For example, you can turn your voice high and inaudible so that you don’t scare the snakes and other creatures that attack you. The game is very peaceful and relaxing. It even has soothing music that plays in the background while you play. The pet will also make you feel better by playing his exciting ball game.

The graphics are great and the sound effects are subtle enough that you will never think anything of them but the actual game play is what makes this one of the best games on the market. Pharaoh’s Daughter is a simple game but it’s fun. It gets my highest rating from anyone who has played it. So if you’re looking for an old-school PC game that’s still fun to play, then Pharaoh’s Daughter is definitely the game for you.