Luxury rome HD


Luxury Rome HD delivers another step forward in online video gaming, this time at its most advanced, with its own unique setting. Playing as one of the many influential families in Roman history, your aim is to build up your cash capital and eventually become the ruler of Rome. Luxury Rome HD nails down the theme perfectly in the opening screen, iconic Roman stone backgrounds, laurel wreaths for the game’s name and even iconic Empire figures welcome you with open arms. The music as well is on cue, a slight ambient noise that sounds like just the sound of an ancient marketplaces, not so intrusive but certainly when mixed with the heavy footfalls of people and traffic it adds to a very enveloping ambiance. This Rome is all about glamour and grandeur, with all of your resources used to take advantage of these you and your family will find yourself sailing through Rome like a gladiator through the streets of the busiest city in the world.

Starting off with your first mission which takes you straight back to the 2nd century BCE, Luxury Rome HD gives players the opportunity to have their cake and eat it too; you can either play for money or simply try your luck with some spin the oars and special paylines. Your first task is to find the hidden land markers placed at strategic locations around the map and then place your boats on strategic points. The objective of each level is to either sail your boat into a crowd of people, or score as many points as possible by destroying or missing the many competing ships. Different levels offer different challenges, as is the case with one you have to locate and rescue a crew of slaves being held captive on a slaving ship. Other challenges include earning a new crew and destroying or removing an enemy warship before they reach the port to fight it out in a war.

If you are looking for an exciting casino game that can challenge and have fun at the same time, you might consider trying Luxury Rome HD. From the impressive graphics to the challenging missions and optional add-on features, this online slot game offers all that you need for a fun and entertaining experience. Play with the full version of the online casino and choose to play either in single or multi-player. No download or registration required, just pick up your controllers and start playing Luxury Rome HD today. Play now and give yourself a once over before you leave!