Chinese roulette

The film, directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, deals with the psychological wars that can develop between a married couple and their adulterous child. Angela (Andrea Schober) is the brains behind this nasty parlour game. She is designed to humiliate and hurt her adulterous parents, and her final twenty minutes are gripping. The film stars Anna Karina and a number of Fassbinder favourites.

While a game that is meant to be fun, it is a bit unsettling when it ends in a verbal assault. Angela’s tense style and pregnant glances say much more than words. Angela decides to propose a truth-telling game that is both cruel and edifying. Angela chooses the members of each team. Each team must answer questions posed by the other. Kast and Ariane’s team tries to guess which person the other team is thinking of.

Chinese Roulette uses a different betting system than European or American Roulette. Rather than paylines, there are different kinds of bets. In addition to placing a bet on the straight up position of a wheel, players can also place a corner bet. A straight-up bet, for example, will pay out up to eleven times as much as a corner bet. But there are more complicated betting systems, and it is important to understand the rules of each before you get started.

In addition to the roulette wheel, Chinese roulette features a zero pocket. The zero pocket on a roulette wheel is what makes the house edge of the game so high. Because of this, players are encouraged to use a low-limit bet. However, this game is not recommended for high-rollers. For this reason, many people still play roulette. This game can be quite addictive if you know what you’re doing! The house edge in Chinese roulette is 2.7%, while European and French roulette have a much lower advantage.