Bonus deuces wild

Bonus Deuces Wild – A Review of the Microgaming Video Poker Game

When playing Bonus Deuces Wild video poker, you can choose to bet with pennies, ten cents, or $1 per spin. The machine will then dispense five cards from a 52-card deck. Your starting hand will be made up of these five cards. In some cases, you can use all five cards to form a royal flush. If you draw a full house, you’ll win more than you bet.

The bonus payouts for Bonus Deuces Wild are based on the percentage of hands that pay out. The expected payout for two pair or lower is 0 percent, while three of a kind pays out 1 coin for every coin wagered. However, this game rewards three-of-a-kinds, and if you hit on an ace kicker, you will win twice as much as you would with a full house.

The optimal play in Bonus Deuces Wild is obvious, even to new players. Basic card sense will help you figure out the optimal play. Since many five-card deals leave several options, knowing the optimal play is key to winning Bonus Deuces Wild. But don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different strategies to learn the best ones. Just remember that no one strategy works in all situations, so the more you learn, the better you will become at the game.

While the rules are similar to standard video poker, Bonus Deuces Wild offers a higher payout. However, the wild cards can complicate the odds of a certain hand. If you manage to get five of a kind, you can win the jackpot with the maximum bet. The highest payout in Bonus Deuces Wild is achieved by betting the maximum number of coins. The top payout will be revealed when the bonus has been reached.