Black knight


The popular video slot Black Knight is now a full-fledged WMS slot machine with 30 payout lines, which has managed to build quite a faithful following ever since its online debut. The game is all about the dark knight who is primarily associated with evil and war. You will notice that this machine follows a traditional slots design layout where the three reel machines are placed in opposite corners of the board. On the screen you will see the familiar icons like the double-headed arrow symbol, the jackpot icon, the banner icon, and the banner advertisement which appear after every reels.

If you look closely at the game, you will notice that the game gives three options to its players. The first option is the black knight mode which is the normal game mode where you will have to choose the number of coins to bet, the max jackpot amount, the reels, the payout amounts and the symbols to look for on the reels. You can switch between all these options with the push of a button and depending on your win or lose you will be able to change the total bet amount from the current amount on the dials. When the game is won, you will have to get the “reward” icon on your screen which will then allow you to cash out the money won through the paylines.

The second option that you can choose from is the “coach” option where in you will be taught how to play the game and the winning tips along the way. The third option is the “pirate” option where in you will be taught how to handle the black knights and the different strategies used to beat them. The “king” option allows you to play as if you are the king of the game as the black knights will attack you when you have fewer coins than them. In the end, you will notice that Black Knight has three different variations. The regular, royal and pirate Black Knights that are part of this game have their own unique rule set and style of play.