Batman & the penguin prize


Batman: The Penguin Prize is an online casino game based on the famous Batman cartoon. It is a highly interactive and challenging flash game developed by Cryptic Studios and published by DC comics. Like all other DC comics games, this one too has a multi player mode and is free to play. Players of this game can switch between the Batman and The Penguin in order to have two distinct gaming experiences.

In this game, players will have to complete tasks given by two different sets of icons namely the Batman and The Penguin Prize Pool. The symbols representing both the heroes are present on the screen and include Batman, The Penguin, Robin, Alfred, a red cape, a golden yellow umbrella and a black Batarang. The golden yellow symbol is actually the Bat symbol and this will replace all other icons present on the screen to aid in forming winning combinations for each game. Two different levels are available in this flash game and players can choose to play either as Batman or as The Penguin.

This game features a special type of technology, which simulates the actual physical movement of Batman and The Penguin on screen. When the icons are activated on screen, a special type of algorithm is used which moves the icons on the screen in a highly mathematical manner in a bid to trigger the particular icon with the required data. Once this icon is triggered, it will cause a series of things to happen within the game. The winning combination is then selected by the game’s mechanism to ensure that no other player will win a total amount of money without having to play against a fellow player.