108 heroes multiplier fortunes


With an Asian feel, this casino offering gains double points with multipliers up to ten times. Based on a traditional 14th century Chinese fairy tale,108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes features colorful, simplified graphics. The main character, who you will first meet in the game, is actually part of a fairy tribe that lives in a floating island called The Yellow Sea. Once he accidentally falls into the water and gets washed ashore, he is transformed into a powerful warrior and gets the chance to hone his skills for the battlefield.

This game comes with one of the most famous Chinese characters, which is the very symbol of luck and fortune:” Genius FuZi”, which translates literally into” Genius Fruit Machine”. The machine itself features a fruit-machine style design, which can be seen inside and out on its body and even spinning as the reels move along. On the inside, you will see two scrolling bars, one containing “winning” symbols and the other containing “passing” symbols. At the bottom of the screen there are numbers that indicate the total number of winning combinations that you can create. You can increase the odds by creating more bars, and you can also increase the payout with a higher number of passed combination icons.

In addition to the machine, this casino offering comes with a pair of ticket machines that feature reels featuring Feng Shui patterns. All the symbols that are part of the “Genius FuZi” are based on Chinese elements including the peacock, monkey, dragon, snake, horse, and horse shoe. As these symbols are combined with the colors of the rainbow on the coin face and the numbers on the reels, you will have a very auspicious time when playing these 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes. Aside from the machine itself, this casino offers a variety of other gaming options as well. These include the “Chinese Tapestry” game, which takes place in the temple where the machine was invented and features themes inspired by this ancient art form as well.