How to Use the Fibonacci System in Casino Games

It is not a surprise that many real serious gamblers use a series of systems to win at casino games. However, many may be shocked to know that you can use the Fibonacci betting system to bet at casino games. Mathematics and casino seem to intertwine if you think of it since the casino system also uses algorithms.

The Fibonacci System is a number calculator that can help you know the best way to play any type of casino game that you are interested in. This is because the Fibonacci cycle can give you information on the best times to enter and leave a card or group of cards. It can also give you an idea about the best times to lay down a new card or group of cards so that you can get the biggest payouts while using the least amount of time. This can be an invaluable tool in the world of casino games, especially if you are playing for money or rather trying to win some money off of the cards that you lay down.

There are many uses for the Fibonacci System in online casinos. For instance, you can use it to determine the best times to lay down special cards in a particular casino game such as a Blackjack or a Slots game. By knowing when the best times to lay down these cards will be, you will be able to make better bets and increase your chances of winning these games. You can also use this same calculator to find out what the odds are of a particular casino game-winning or losing, which can be very helpful in choosing where to place your bets in free spins online casinos.

These are just some of the ways that the Fibonacci System can be beneficial to you when playing online casino games. If you want to get an idea of how the Fibonacci Cycle can work with any type of casino game that you are playing, it is best that you check out some free spins online so that you can see how this system works for yourself. Once you have used the free spins online a few times, you will start to see exactly how useful this system can be and how it can give you an edge over the other players in the online casino.

Fibonacci’s History

The Fibonacci sequence first came to light in the early 13th century when Leonardo Pisano published the book Liber Abaci. He even made the Latin version of the modern number system.

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The Fibonacci sequence starts with a zero then continues with one. The next numbers are sums of the two previous numbers. For some people, it does not have any importance or whatsoever. But it is essential in mathematics and nature, and many name it as nature’s number system.

Fibonacci Betting System Rules

Even-money betting uses the Fibonacci system. For Roulette players, the system works with outside bets like the red and black ones. Craps players use it for the bets on the pass and don’t pass. Fibonacci sequence is also useful in Blackjack, Baccarat, and even wagering with even numbers in sports betting.

To use the Fibonacci sequence, ignore the zero and start with number one. Then, decide on how much you are going to stake per unit. However, take note that it is better to only wager in small amounts.

Here are the three rules that you must remember when using the Fibonacci sequence:

Rule 1. Start only with one single unit.

If you choose to represent your number with your betting money, you have to use only one betting unit. For example, if you want to start with $10 as your first betting money, then that is your first betting money.

home page - How to Use the Fibonacci System in Casino Games

Rule 2. Start with one unit then go up to the next.

If you lose your first wager, you have to go to the next level of the unit. If you lose again, you have to move to the next to avoid breaking the cycle of the sequence. So, for example, your first wager is $10, after losing in two bets, you have to go up to $20, then $60. Even after a couple of losing stakes, you still need to increase your wager.

Rule 3. Once you win, you can move down the sequence.

If ever you win a wager, you have to go down two sequences. So for example, you are already in series eight when you won, you have to move down to series five after your win. This rule should always be applicable at every win. However, you must consider that if you are still in the same sequence after two consecutive runs before winning, you have to restart your course. Also, if you think you are already in a profit, you can reset your sequence.

Will the Fibonacci System Ultimately Work?

Like every other betting system, the Fibonacci system will not work once you continue to have a losing streak. If you think that you are already at a significant loss, it is better to rethink your sequence and stop the game.