1/100 MG RX-18GP03S Gundam GP03S

1/100 MG RX-18GP03S Gundam GP03S

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The last in the series of mobile suits developed by Anaheim Electronics in Gundam 0083, the GP03S "Dendobrium Stamen" is a space attack mobile suit designed to act as the central unit of the mobile armour "Orchis". Although there is no Master Grade version of the Orchis (although a HG version does exist!), the GP03S is a worthwhile unit in its own right. It has flexible wing binders, and a folder bazooka, folding shield, and the arms contain extensible claws, used to retrieve weapons from the Orchis' weapons storage bays. It does not have a Core Fighter, as the mobile suit itself is the escape system for the Orchis.

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Master Grade models are snap fit, and moulded in colour - no cement or glue is required for completion. For best results, painting is recommended. Contains small parts, not suitable for young children.

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