ZZ Gundam

ZZ Gundam

ZZ (Double-Zeta) Gundam was broadcast as a direct sequel to Zeta Gundam, which had finished in early 1986. With a lighter storyline than the dark tone of Zeta, and with a new main character in the person of Judau Ashta leading the cast, ZZ was a continuation of the events from the end of Zeta. Some of the characters from Zeta continue to appear in the first half of the series, with the exception of Char/Quattro who mysteriously disappears at the conclusion of Zeta. A familiar face from the White Base, Hayato Kobayashi, former pilot of the Gun-Tank, also makes a return in this series.

Having defeated the Titans, the battered and war-weary AEUG must again head into battle, as Haman Karn's resurgent Zeon faction, based on the Axis asteroid, once again enters the Earth Sphere. The AEUG has a new weapon at its disposal - the formidable ZZ Gundam.

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