Char's Counterattack

Char's Counterattack

Char's Counterattack would mark the final chronological appearance of Char and Amuro in the Gundam universe (although various doppelgangers of Char would make other appearances).

The year is 0093, six years after the end of the Gryps conflict, when the AEUG, led by Bright Noah, defeated the Titans and the Axis. Now, at the head of the Earth Federation's Londo Bell taskforce, Bright and Amuro Ray face the return of an old foe, Char Aznable, at the head of a revived Neo Zeon movement. Ostensibly intent on defeating the Federation and liberating the spacenoids once and for all, Char plans to drop the Axis asteroid onto the Earth, creating a widespread environmental disaster and rendering it uninhabitable. But is his secret goal to force a showdown with his nemesis Amuro and settle an old score?

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