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Gundam Build Fighters Try - Japanese with English subtitles


Episode 1: The Boy Who Calls the Wind
Episode 2: Team Up, Try Fighters!
Episode 3: Her Name is Gyanko
Episode 4: G-Muse
Episode 5: Dream and Challenge in Your Heart
Episode 6: Ruler of the Battlefield
Episode 7: Straight-Assembly Shimon New
Episode 8: Upon this Shield New
Episode 9: Showdown at Solomon New

Gundam Build Fighters - Japanese with English subtitles

Gundam Build Fighters

Episode 1: Sei and Reiji
Episode 2: The Crimson Comet
Episode 3: Full Package
Episode 4: Gunpla Idol Kirara
Episode 5: The Strongest Builder
Episode 6: A Reason to Battle
Episode 7: Encountering Fighters
Episode 8: Encounters of Fighters
Episode 9: Wings of Imagination
Episode 10: the World Tournament Begins
Episode 11: Battle Royal
Episode 12: Discharge
Episode 13: Battle Weapon
Episode 14: Codename: C
Episode 15: Fighter's Radiance
Episode 16: Dad, we meet again
Episode 17: Model of the Heart
Episode 18: Bloodhounds
Episode 19: Astray's Blade 
Episode 20: Aila's Betrayal
Episode 21: Amid the Glittering Particles
Episode 22: Meijin vs. Meijin
Episode 23: Gunpla Eve
Episode 24: Dark Matter


Gundam SEED HD Remaster (480p) - Japanese with English subtitles

Gundam SEED HD Remaster

Episode 1: False Peace
Episode 2: Its name is Gundam
Episode 3: Collapsing Land
Episode 4: Silent Run
Episode 5: Phase Shift Down
Episode 6: The Vanishing Gundam
Episode 7: The Scar of Space
Episode 8: The Songstress of the Enemy Forces
Episode 9: The Fading Light
Episode 10: Crossroads
Episode 11: The Awakening Sword
Episode 12: Flay's Decision
Episode 13: Stars Falling in Space
Episode 14: The Respective Solitudes
Episode 15: Burning Clouds of Sand
Episode 16: Cagalli Returns
Episode 17: Payback
Episode 18: Fangs of the Enemy
Episode 19: On a Calm Day
Episode 20: Beyond the Clouds of Sand
Episode 21: The Sea Dyed Red
Episode 22: Fateful Encounter
Episode 23: War for Two
Episode 24: The Land of Peace
Episode 25: Endless Rondo 
Episode 26: Kira
Episode 27: The Turning Point
Episode 28: Flashing Blades
Episode 29: Grieving Skies
Episode 30: In the Promised Land
Episode 31: The Gathering Darkness
Episode 32: Seen and Unseen
Episode 33: The Descending Sword
Episode 34: In the Name of Justice
Episode 35: Divine Thunder
Episode 36: Decisive Fire
Episode 37: Athrun
Episode 38: Into the Dawn Skies
Episode 39: Trembling World
Episode 40: Lacus Strikes
Episode 41: What Stands in the Way
Episode 42: Spiral of Encounters
Episode 43: The Opening Door
Episode 44: A Place for the Soul
Episode 45: The Nightmare Reborn
Episode 46: Day of Wrath
Episode 47: The Final Light
Episode 48: To An Endless Future


Gundam SEED Destiny HD Remaster (480p) - Japanese with English subtitles

Gundam SEED Destiny HD Remaster

Episode 1: Angry Eyes
Episode 2: Those Who Call for War
Episode 3: Warning Shots
Episode 4: Stardust Battlefield
Episode 5: Scars That Won't Heal
Episode 6: The End of the World
Episode 7: Land of Confusion
Episode 8: Junction
Episode 9: Bared Fangs
Episode 10: A Father's Spell
Episode 11: The Chosen Path
Episode 12: Blood in the Water
Episode 13: Resurrected Wings
Episode 14: Flight to Tomorrow
Episode 15: Return to the Battlefield
Episode 16: Struggle in the Indian Ocean
Episode 17: The Soldier's Life
Episode 18: Attack the Lohengrin
Episode 19: The Hidden Truth
Episode 20: Past
Episode 21: Wandering Eyes
Episode 22: Sword of the Blue Skies
Episode 23: The Shadows of War
Episode 24: Differing Views
Episode 25: The Place of Sin
Episode 26: The Promise
Episode 27: Unfulfilled Feelings
Episode 28: Survivors and Sacrifices
Episode 29: Fates
Episode 30: A Fleeting Dream
Episode 31: The Endless Night
Episode 32: Stella
Episode 33: The World Revealed
Episode 34: Nightmare
Episode 35: Eve of Chaos
Episode 36: Athrun on the Run
Episode 37: Thunder in the Dark
Episode 38: A New Flag
Episode 39: Kira of the Skies
Episode 40: Legacy of Gold
Episode 41: Freedom and Justice
Episode 42: A Call for Counterattack
Episode 43: Lacus Times Two
Episode 44: Prelude to Revolution
Episode 45: The Song of Truth
Episode 46: Meer
Episode 47: To a New World
Episode 48: Rey
Episode 49: The Last Power
Episode 50: The Chosen Future Gundam Portal site
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