Reservations, pre-orders and special orders

Reservations, pre-orders and special orders


Reservations and pre-orders
We are able to accept reservations for any items that are due to come into stock. To reserve an item, simply let us know what you want to reserve by sending an email to, via our Facebook page or just by calling us with the items that you want to reserve and we will set them aside for you when they come in. We will e-mail you a special link to order them, and you can order at your convenience. We are usually happy to keep items reserved for any reasonable period of time, usually up to a month from when they arrive.

We do not require a deposit for this service.


Special orders
We can also take requests for special items that we do not have in stock. We are able to obtain most Japanese hobby kits and items. To place a special order, just let us know which items you would like by e-mail, Facebook message or by calling as above, and we will be able to provide you with a guide price and estimated time to get the item into stock. We are unable to give exact prices for items because the exact price will depend on the shipping costs and exchange rate, which we will not know until the order is finalised with our suppliers, but barring extreme changes in the exchange rate, the price we give you should be close to the final sale price.

We do not normally ask for a deposit for special orders, although we may occasionally do so in the case of very expensive items requested by new customers.

Once the item arrives, we will send you an e-mail with a link to place the order.

Please note - we reserve the right to refuse reservations and special orders from customers who have previously placed such orders but not bought the item(s) requested. Gundam Portal site
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